T3 Live – Actionable Options Program

T3 Live – Actionable Options Program

A Pro Options Trader’s Full Methodology

3 Hours of Video Training + 296-Page Course Guide

The Actionable Options Curriculum

  • Welcome to the Program
    • Understand why this course is different from any you’ve ever seen
    • Turn 3 major lies you’ve heard about options on their heads
    • Understand the true benefits of trading options — including true control over your risk profile
  • Options Fundamentals
    • Get a complete understand of options in plain English
    • Form a proper foundation for your options trading knowledge
    • Understand vital concepts like intrinsic value, time value, and moneyness
  • Options Pricing Mechanics
    • Understand the single most important question in options trading — the one that must guide all your trades
    • See how implied volatility works in the real world, in plain English
    • Learn the options Greeks without boring PhD level math or complex theoretical models
  • Actionable Options Strategies
    • Understand Dan’s 10 favorite actionable options strategies
    • Start with basic calls and puts, then quickly move on to more sophisticated strategies like Butterfly Spreads and Iron Condors
    • Learn to hedge your portfolio with options (including deadly pitfalls to avoid
  • Event-Driven Options Strategies
    • Learn Dan’s 4 top event-driven options trading strategies, including the powerful ‘Earnings Combo’ trade
    • Use powerful options strategies to exploit events like earnings, FDA announcements, and more
    • Understand the unique risk factors of event-driven options trading
  • Options Order Entry and Market Mechanics
    • Stop placing orders blindly, and start getting in and out of optimal prices
    • Trade options in wild markets without taking wild risks
    • Learn the ins and outs of exercising options
  • The VIX and Volatility Analysis
    • Get a plain-English introduction to the VIX and volatility analysis
    • Adapt your options trading strategies based on the action in the VIX
    • Understand the VIX term structure for a true look at volatility (the VIX price alone is not enough)
  • Rookie Options Mistakes to Avoid
    • Learn about 7 rookie options mistakes you must avoid
    • See why you’ve already avoided the biggest options mistake of all

What You’ll Walk Away With

  • 14 Powerful Options Trading Strategies, Including 4 Event-Driven Strategies You Can’t Find Anywhere Else
  • A True Understanding of Options Fundamentals So You’ll Finally Understand How the Market Really Works
  • Newfound Confidence Because You’ve Upgraded Your Skillset With a Pro Trader’s Method

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