T3 Live – The Newsbeat Bandit Program

T3 Live – The Newsbeat Bandit Program

Welcome to the The Newsbeat Bandit Program

Understand exactly why the open is the most important part of the day, and understand the Newsbeat Bandit lifestyle.

See why trading the open means a whole lot less of 2 awful things: stress and psychological toxicity

Set expectations for 6 powerful hours of trading education

To our knowledge, this is the only course in the industry focused on trading the open

The Newsbeat Bandit Program Workflow

At the open, speed and accuracy matters.

There’s not time to play around.

So Mark shares his personal pre-market checklist so you understand what it takes to create actionable ideas for the open.

You’ll also learn the Melnick Trading Loop — a decision making framework you can use before every trade you make.

Managing Your Trading Platform and Minimizing Trading Costs

This section is short, but vital.

Mark shares his recommendations for creating an efficient, effective trading workstation.

He also shows you a simple way to reduce your trading costs (no guarantees on this one, but every trader should try this).

6+ Hours of Video Training

Mark takes you step-by-step through the entire Bandits system so you can understand all his strategies for trading the open.

This is over 6 hours of material designed to help you dominate the open.

So you can watch it again and again to reinforce his concepts.

Newsbeat Bandits Course Guide

Mark includes his 109-page PDF course guide so you can thumb through it at your leisure.

So if you need a quick reminder of one of Mark’s concepts, you can quickly pull up the PDF and find it.

This is perfect if you don’t want to watch the video multiple times.

Newsbeat Bandits Chart Book

In addition to the trade examples in the main course guide, Mark’s put together a PDF of additional trade examples for all your Newsbeat Bandits strategies.

Mark actually created way more charts than we needed, so we’re passing them on to you!

About Mark Melnick

Mark Melnick has been a professional day and swing trader since 1999, when he was a 19-year old college student at St. John’s University.

Mark is the author of the classic trading book Scalping for a Living, and has trained thousands of traders in the art and science of exploiting volatility for profit.

Mark was initially lured in by the promise of financial independence during the dot-com boom.

However, he achieved sub-par results until he discovered the most important element in trading success: the ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

In his quest for trading consistency, Mark developed mastery of technical and fundamental analysis, algorithmic trading, market psychology, and real-time news breakdowns.

He has deep experience with equities, options, ETFs, and currencies, and enjoys teaching traders his unique brand of news-driven active trading.

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