Zedd Monopoly Platinum Course

Zedd Monopoly Platinum Course

About the Course

Zedd Monopoly Platinum Course will teach you the basics of trading/stocks and advance to teach you a strategy that you can use while day trading. There’s 8 modules that you will learn and each will lead on to the next. You will also be surrounded by other traders in a private chat room. Once payment is made you’ll have access to the course immediately and the chat room access will be sent to the email you used when registering within 24 hours. The chat room is well moderated and you’ll receive my daily game plan and picks everyday before market opens.

There is only one strategy that has proved itself to work throughout the ages and that is the strategy that we teach on my Youtube channel “zed monopoly”, the ‘bread and butter’.

There’s 8 modules that you will learn and each will lead on to the next.

We will cover my full trading strategy from A-Z with extra bits to get you started on the right path.

Zedd Monopoly Platinum Course Content:

  • Basics of stocks and trading
  • Penny Stocks Day Trading Strategy (Video lessons)
  • Earning reports trading strategy (Video lessons)
  • Swing Trading Strategy (Video lessons)
  • Risk management
  • 4 patterns that repeat themselves.
  • Price action
  • General Trading Lessons

About me I had a 9-5 job in 2016, went through depression and got inspired to learn about day trading just like most reading this. Today I trade stocks & swing trade and also have my other passive income streams.

My greatest achievement up to date is that I’ve helped multiple students achieve success in the stock market and most importantly gave them the right skills to take to college if they decide to take up . Although not everyone can achieve success trading the stock market, If you believe you have what it takes then the course below is for you. Remember this is a training course only, it does not guarantee anything except you will come out with the right knowledge to make informed decisions.

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