Stock Market Trading: The Complete Technical Analysis Course

Stock Market Trading: The Complete Technical Analysis Course

Stock Market Trading: The Complete Technical Analysis Course

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What you’ll learn Stock Market Trading Course

  • How to buy and sell stocks using proven technical analysis techniques
  • Recognize trends and chart patterns to make successful trading decisions
  • Learn many indicators that will show trend continuations and reversals that will aid in your stock markets trading
  • Develop your own strategies combining indicators, trading rules, order placement and more
  • Learn from real live trading demonstrations where the instructor shares the though process in each trade and reinforces what you have learned
  • Build confidence so the learner can apply immediately what has been learned into their own investing and stock trading

Requirements of Stock Market Trading Course

  • No prerequisites although the course “Investing In Stocks: The Complete Course” makes a good companion course

Stock Market Trading Course Description

Successful stock market trading is all about using technical indicators to help you determine when to profitably buy and when to sell a stock. In addition, learning the best indicators, how to confidently apply them, building your personal strategy, and understanding how to use various order types is the key to a comprehensive learning experience and practical use of technical analysis for yourself.


Taught by a top Udemy Instructor with over 338,000 students enrolled in his investing courses!

“Steve explains complex ideas in a simple way and remains objective at all times”- Teresa F

“Steve has got amazing energy & it kind of seeps into us & keeps us engrossed in the topic that he is teaching” – Dipti V

What you will learn can be fully applied no matter your trading goals and time availability so perfect for those who want to become:

  • Scalpers (Arbitrage): Many trades based on data over Minutes​
  • Day Traders: Minutes to Hours​
  • Swing Traders: Hours to Days​
  • Position Traders: Days to Weeks​
  • Part Time Investors: Weeks to Months​
  • Buy And Holders: Entry With Fewer Exits​

Learn at your own pace and apply what you learn to your own favorite stocks that you may already be following!

Perfect for those who are brand new to trading in the stock market or consider themselves beginners or intermediate traders. This course covers many topics that you can practically apply and use immediately.

Complete Course With Many Lessons In Each Section Including:

  • Introduction And Setting Up For Success​
  • Paper Trading & Back Testing For Free
  • Technical Analysis Core Concepts​
  • Why Technical Analysis Works
  • How To Easily Read A Stock Chart Like A Pro
  • Price Bars: Foundation Of Technical Analysis​
  • Trading Gaps As A Big Opportunity​
  • Candlesticks: Critical To Technical Trading Success​
  • Identifying And Trading Candlestick Patterns
  • Trend Lines: Drawing And Trading​
  • Strategy And Tactics For Using Trend Trading
  • Chart Pattern Recognition And Trading Success ​
  • Key Continuation Patterns Like Triangles and Rectangles
  • Key Reversal Patterns Like Head And Shoulders
  • Unusual Patterns L:ike the Dead Cat Bounce And Cup With Handle
  • Moving Averages: Great Indicator And Trading Tool​ To Start With
  • Momentum Trading Indicators​
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI) To Determine If Stock Is Overbought or Oversold
  • Trade Leveraging The Stochastic Oscillator
  • Volatility: Using It To Your Trading Advantage​
  • Walking Up And Down Bollinger Bands
  • Fibonacci As A Trading Indicator​
  • Drive Better Results Using Multiple Trading Tools​
  • Creating A Trading Strategy​
  • Managing Your Trades For Success​
  • Order Types And Which Are Best At Different Times​
  • Setup Trading And Rules Based Trading
  • Top 5 Action Steps + Bonus Step​
  • …Plus Much Much More​​

There are many live trading demonstrations at the end of the Stock Market Trading Course with real stocks which will:

  • Show you step by step how to evaluate stocks using multiple indicators
  • Reinforces what you have learned
  • Demonstrate how to get the most of of a trading platform
  • Let you see into the mind of the instructor as he evaluates stocks using the technical analysis indicators you have learned
  • Give you the confidence to start trading yourself!

Who Stock Market Trading Course is for

  • Perfect for brand new or beginner traders who want to learn everything to start successfully trading
  • Great for intermediate traders who want to further enhance their knowledge
  • Skills can be adatped to any trading time frame so works very well for those who want to be Day Traders, Swing Traders, Trade Part-Time or even Buy and Hold individuals who want to learn how to buy and sell at the right times

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